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Weekly update #13

We're kicking off the new year with an update that's packed with additions and improvements across the app - like an `io.display.grid` method for image-based grid layouts, code-based permissions, and a long list of updates & bugfixes.

Weekly update #12

This week we shipped file based routing as an experimental feature, and added the ability to set more prominent colors for your production & development environments.

Weekly update #10

This week we're rolling out a brand new look for your Interval dashboards that lets your apps take over the entire screen. Plus our upcoming Router API is now available for testing.

Weekly update #9

This week we made actions more customizable, added new I/O methods for displaying images & videos, and we're sharing a sneak peek at our biggest API update yet.

Weekly update #8

This week we added another layer of security to Interval with multi-factor authentication and shipped Interval SDK v0.26.0, which adds a redirect method for actions as well as a new option for customizing tables.

Weekly update #7

This week we shipped Interval SDK v0.25.0, which adds support for customizable menus in tables and dynamically adding/removing actions and groups, plus a handful of major performance upgrades across Interval.

Weekly update #6

This week we introduced a new beta with support for multiple environments! Now you can run multiple environments (like staging, testing, etc) within a single organization.

Weekly update #5

This week we added a command bar to the app to help you quickly navigate around Interval. Plus SDK v0.24.0 adds a new URL input, a `disabled` prop for all inputs, and support for custom file upload endpoints.

Weekly update #4

Our new gallery showcases a wide range of Interval functionality, complete with code samples, videos, screenshots, and step-by-step walkthroughs of how to create each app.

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