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Meter acquires Interval

Alex Arena

I’m thrilled to announce that Interval has been acquired by Meter.

As part of the acquisition, the Interval team is joining Meter to continue working on tools and automation. I’m also excited to share that Interval will continue development inside of Meter as an entirely open source project.

Why Meter

At first, a company that provides internet infrastructure for businesses might seem an odd choice of acquirer for Interval. But if you dig past the H1, you’ll find that a vertically integrated business like Meter lives and dies by its internal tools. The tooling needs across warehouse operations, customer installations, and ongoing network maintenance are all immense.

As we continue to develop Interval inside of Meter, we’ll be doing so as an entirely open source project. We’ve been interested in open sourcing more of Interval for some time now, so Meter’s support here is particularly exciting. Beyond the obvious business model implications of no longer needing to monetize Interval directly, this path also unlocks new possibilities for the product. For example, implementing custom I/O methods (one of our most requested features) becomes dramatically simpler in an open source context.

What’s next

In the coming weeks, we’re going to release the first completely open source edition of Interval. From there, we have big plans for the future of the product. We’re particularly excited about adding support for new runtimes like Deno, Workers, and Bun. You can also expect to see some functionality inspired by our work on tools to automate all aspects of Meter’s business. But more on that later.

If this or any of the other work we’re undertaking at Meter interests you, consider joining the team. We’re hiring!

Thank you!

It’s an understatement to say that building Interval hasn’t always been easy.

We’ve been lucky to have the support of truly incredible investors in Sequoia, TQ, Lachy, Josh, Jen, DK, Aaron, Michael, Erik, Diana, Anthony, Kim, Fabian, Kat, Phillip, and Chelsea.

We’ve also been lucky enough to count some of the most forward looking startups and engineers as Interval users. Whether you started building with us today or have been with us since launch day, thank you! We hope you’ll continue to build with Interval as we enter our next chapter.

And most importantly, thank you to Interval’s small but mighty team. In addition to Dan and Jacob, and myself who are joining Meter, we wouldn’t be where we are without incredible alums like Kyle and Ryan.

– Alex

P.S. if you have questions about the acquisition or Meter/Interval generally, feel free to reach out to me directly via email at alex at this domain or on X @alexarena.

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