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Work at Interval

Interval is a small team of engineers passionate about making the lives of other engineers easier. If our product and values resonate with you, we'd love to hear from you.

Why we work

Great products are like icebergs: what external users see is often only a fraction of the picture. One of the largest chunks that lives under the surface is internal tooling: software that enables teams to manage accounts, onboard customers, moderate content, gate features, and more.

Interval exists to remove the toil and tedium from developing internal tools. We believe that by starting with the right APIs, we can make it easier for developers to create tools that enable their teams to work efficiently and joyfully.

How we work

We're building a team that is "async by default" and distributed. The former enables the latter. This has fostered a culture of clear and concise writing. We only have one standing meeting each week: our product planning meeting on Monday. In this meeting, everything beyond the self-explanatory (eg. fix this bug, change this color) has an associated scoping document that one of us has drafted beforehand. By the time something is brought up in this meeting, it's been "scoped," which is to say the team has had the opportunity to discuss the reasons to build it, the engineering/design challenges that need to be solved, API considerations, etc. What this means in practice is that this meeting is very efficient: it's just an exercise in prioritization.

We have a beautiful loft in San Francisco's sunny Mission district where a few of us are based. It's a great space, but you're welcome to work from anywhere in the world. Interval Standard Time is Pacific Time.

In addition to SF, we have other team members working from:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Saratoga, NY
  • Milwaukee, WI

Our stack

We're a 100% React + TypeScript codebase. We use Tailwind CSS for styling. On the backend, we're a Node.js + TypeScript app with PostgreSQL as our database and Prisma as our ORM. Of course, we use Interval for our internal tools.

Interval wouldn't be possible without a thriving open source ecosystem. Where possible, we contribute to and sponsor these projects. We open source much of our own code, as well.

How we hire

As a small company, the process is necessarily pretty fluid. We'll try to do all of these, but maybe not in this exact order:

Initial call

You can expect to kick off the process with a quick chat with Alex, our CEO. Alex can give you the elevator pitch, but this is a great opportunity to start grilling us about the company.

Meeting the team

As such a young company, all of our teammates are on the "hiring committee," meaning that we all must give an affirmative 👍 before extending an offer. While this is a high bar to clear, we think it's critical to maintaining an exceptional caliber founding team that is excited to work together. To this end, you'll want to meet everyone. We generally do this with a group coffee chat, either outside IRL in SF or over Zoom. We think it's a good idea for you to back-channel with non-CEO members of the team. You'll have their emails/phone numbers so feel free to reach out and ask whatever you like about what it's "really" like being on our team.

A project

If you have the time and bandwidth, we think the best way to know if you'd enjoy working at Interval is by actually doing some work with us through a short contract project. We'd work with you to pick an objective + scope that fits your interests and that can be completed in the time you have available. We'd of course pay you for your time, regardless of whether there is a full-time fit.

If you don't have the bandwidth for a short contracting project, no problem. For engineering, design, and other technical roles we'll share a take-home project that can be completed in an evening or two. For other roles, we'll work with you to figure out how we can gain mutual conviction that Interval is the right company for you.


We'll ask you for the names of a few current or former colleagues who we can contact to learn about what it's like to work with you.

The offer

If we think there's a fit, we'll extend you an offer. By the time you've received your offer, we'll all have developed strong conviction that you're the right person for this role. Before accepting, we hope you'll have developed a similar level of conviction around our product, market, and team. We understand you might not have. If this is the case, please don't hesitate to speak more with any of us, speak with our investors, or ask to see more of our product.

Our investors

We're backed by some of the best industry's investors and angels, including:

Open roles

We are actively recruiting for the following roles:

  • Full-stack engineer
  • UI engineer
  • Design lead
  • Developer relations lead
  • Growth marketer
  • Business generalist

To apply, send an email to work @ interval dot com with the title job you're applying for in the subject. If possible, please share a link to some of your recent work.

If you're not ready to apply but would like to learn more, feel free to DM our CEO Alex or any other member of our team.

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