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Business generalist

Interval is hiring a business generalist. We're wary of titles, but you can think of this role as proximate to a chief of staff or COO at other startups.

You'll work closely with our founding team to pioneer frontendless development and accelerate its adoption.

About Interval

Frontend development is endless. Endless time tweaking styles. Endless effort tracking down browser-specific bugs. Endless complexity managing UI state.

Interval is creating the first frontendless application development platform. You write your app's logic, Interval generates, hosts, and maintains a rich web frontend. Backend developers can focus on the logic that matters to their business while giving their users beautiful, fast, and accessible web UIs.

While we believe frontendless is a breakthrough technology, it isn't well suited to every class of app. The best candidates are apps that need a UI, but don't require extensive UI customization. That's why we're launching our frontendless platform with a focus on the internal tools market. Think: customer support tools, admin dashboards, etc.

Where we're at

You're joining us at an insanely exciting time. You'll be our 5th hire and the first non-founder on the "business side" of the shop. We exited stealth in mid-June and since then have seen promising traction from early users ranging from solo hackers to growth stage startups. We think we're just short of 50% of the way toward a solid "1.0" product.

We're well funded, with $4.4m raised from investors including Sequoia, TQ Ventures, and Lachy Groom.

About the role

This is a generalist role so it's not possible to outline exactly what you'll do. Here's some of what's at the top of our priority stack today and would be available for you to work on if you joined tomorrow:

  • Refining our market positioning.
  • Engaging with early users and collecting feedback.
  • Recruiting our first sales/growth hires.
  • Hacking growth, building our developer community.
  • Defining our pricing model.

This role is ideally based in San Francisco (we have an office in the Mission) but could be remote for the right person.

About you

We aren't hiring for this role based on a rigid experience checklist. Instead, here's some of what we believe goes into being an exceptional operator at a company like Interval:


You're able to execute and iterate quickly. Why? Learning compounds. It's possible to bend the curve of an organization's trajectory by learning faster which necessitates doing faster.

You also must be able to manage multiple critical projects simultaneously. Our team is intentionally small. As a result, you can expect to wear multiple hats. As we grow, the hats will change, but the necessity to wear multiple won't.


No matter how experienced you are, you're going to need to do a ton of learning on the job. You're able to learn new skills, synthesize new data and act effectively in unfamiliar environments.

Even if we wanted to (we do not), we couldn't guarantee you a static portfolio of responsibilities.


We're a small and (relatively) capital-constrained team that is setting out to create a category. You must be resourceful to succeed under those circumstances.


You act with an ownership mentality and you don't have to wait around for work to be assigned. You can look at the universe of problems to solve (this is very large at a growing startup) and reason about the right one to solve at any given moment.


We cannot stand people with egos. If you are drawn to internal politics, inflated titles or vanity metrics, apply elsewhere.

Clarity of thought

As a somewhat distributed team (we're in SF, LA, NY, and WI currently), much of our communication is async. This makes clear thinking even more critical. Additionally, we're a deeply technical product. We're often required to present complex technical requirements, limitations, etc. to audiences with little or no context.

Why do this?

If the description above is a reflection of what you can bring to the table, we won't be the only company fighting to have you on our team.

When you compare offers side by side, Interval likely won't offer the best cash comp or the best perks.

Instead, we hope you'll find Interval to be the most challenging and rewarding job you've ever had. You'll of course be rewarded through a substantial equity grant, but we believe there's more to work than financial outcomes.

Successful new paradigms for application development are rare. Working at Interval will give you the opportunity to have an outsized impact on building the frontendless paradigm and sharing it with the world.

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