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Slider and HTML components

Interval SDK v1.5.0 includes two brand new I/O methods: io.input.slider for requesting a number within a range using a slider UI and io.display.html for rendering basic HTML content in your actions or pages.

Screenshot of a table with cells highlighted in different colors

Other updates & improvements

  • We added user.role and user.teams properties to ctx for the current user running the action or viewing the page.
  • We added a warnOnClose option to action definitions to opt into disabling warnings when leaving the page in a middle of a transaction.
  • We added support for SCIM directory user and group sync for SSO-enabled accounts.
  • We shipped many improvements to our reconnection logic, especially for background tabs, backgrounded transactions, and organizations with a large number of concurrent users.
  • We added logic to prevent sending multiple notifications if the server restarts while a transaction is awaiting input.
  • We added an initiallySelected prop to to specify the initial selection state.
  • Loading APIs are now available in Page handlers.

We're also testing a new platform for writing, running, and sharing Interval actions in your browser. If you'd like to help us test it, try it out by joining the waitlist or stop by our Discord server and request access.

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Get 1-2 emails per month with a roundup of product updates, SDK releases, and more.