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Action context

These properties and methods are on the ctx object which is available to every action.

ctx also contains the following information about the currently running action:

  • action.slug: The action's slug
  • action.url: The absolute URL to access the action
  • environment: The environment the action is running within
  • The name of the action's organization
  • organization.slug: The slug of the action's organization
  • params: A key/value object containing the query string URL parameters of the running action
  • The email of the person running the action
  • user.firstName: The first name of the person running the action
  • user.lastName: The last name of the person running the action
  • user.role: The user's role in the organization. One of admin, developer, or member
  • user.teams: An array of slugs for the teams the user is a member of, if any


Logs anything from your action by printing a message in the Interval dashboard. Works with multiple arguments like JavaScript’s console.log. Logs are truncated at 10,000 characters.


Sends a custom notification to Interval users via email or Slack. To send Slack notifications, you'll need to connect your Slack workspace to the Interval app in your organization settings.


Perform a redirect to another action, page, or external URL in the


Kicks off a loading spinner to provide context during any long-running action work. Can also be called with a single string argument as the label, or with no arguments to display only a spinner.


Updates any existing loading spinner initated with ctx.loading.start to dynamically provide new loading information to the action runner.


Marks a chunk of work as completed to dynamically provide granular loading progress. Can only be used after ctx.loading.start was called with itemsInQueue.

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