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Authentication and access control


Interval actions for an organization can only be accessed through the Interval dashboard for that organization.

Interval currently supports the following authentication schemes:

  • Email/password
  • Sign in with Google
  • SSO

You can sign up or log in with email or Google here. If you'd like SSO to be enabled for your organization, contact us.

As a developer, you don't need to do any additional work to enable authentication for your actions. Just provide an Interval API key for your organization when instantiating the Interval class.


Members of your organization can be assigned one of four roles. Roles are assigned in the Users tab of the dashboard.

  • Admins can do everything.
  • Developers can run actions in Live mode and can access the Console to develop actions. Developers cannot create Live mode API keys.
  • Members can run actions in Live mode.
  • Auditors can view the logs for past transactions but cannot run actions.


By default, actions can be accessed by anyone in your organization with the requisite role.

Optionally, you can make Teams within your organization. Teams are groups of users. You might have teams for customer support, engineering, ops, and so on.

Once you've created teams in your organization, you can configure individual actions to be accessible only to members of specific teams.

From the configuration page for any action, you can do this by choosing Teams under "Availability" and choosing the teams that should be granted access.

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